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Newbie Partnerships

Editing costs can be a killer when you’re a new freelancer. That’s why I offer newbie partnerships, based on Bamidele’s “Earn Your First $1,000” challenge.

Partners follow the steps outlined at Writers In Charge to build their full-time freelance writing business, from setting up their personal website to getting social proof and pitching to high-profile clients.

Partner with me and you’ll get:

  • two free edits (substantive, ~500 words), which are usually social proofs to get your name onto big-name sites
  • 60 days of half-price editing (the length of the original challenge) while you build up to work that pays properly
  • delayed payments, so you’re never out of pocket (you pay me when you get paid)

In return for investing in your writing, I expect you to commit to building your business so you can land great clients for a long, profitable future for us both!

Membership of the newbie partnership program costs $50.

Why do I charge? Because you’re much more likely to commit to the challenge and to your business if it costs you money to get started!


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