Spike Wyatt

Turning Everyday Writing Into Headline Content


Going the Half Hog

Published at the end of 2011, Going The Half Hog is still relevant. The book turns accepted business thinking on its head to reveal the secrets of building a successful part-time freelance writing career without wasting your time and energy on self-promotion.

  • How to freelance as a writer
  • What you need to get started as a half-hogger
  • The basics of online content creation
  • The “natural marketing” alternative that takes almost no time or effort
  • Where to find freelance writing jobs that suit you
  • How to sort through the crap jobs and find the gems
  • The major ways to earn – all with their pros and cons
  • Avoiding the cheats and scams
  • The editing and proofreading route to success

Condensing years of accumulated freelancing knowledge into a single volume: with all the research, achievements, mistakes, stumbling blocks, tips and little-known tricks in one place, it’s an outstanding resource for beginners and experts alike.

It’s still for sale on Amazon but you can download the free 114-page PDF version here.

“I have learned a lot and I thank you for that! I now have a good understanding of things I didn’t have a clue about before – and I think they are totally worth exploring. You have something terrific here.”

– Jill B. (NY, USA), freelancer with 15 years’ experience

“I’d always wanted to make my living as a writer. Using the information in Spike’s book, I’ve landed regular, long-term work that fits my part-time schedule with an amazing client in just 10 days! Going The Half Hog‘s clear, straightforward approach makes it all so simple. It’s exactly what I needed.”

– Shen H. (Sussex, UK), half-hogger


There will always be more clients. There will always be more evergreen topics for your revenue share portfolio. There will always be another good blog post, another topical article, another opinion piece about the latest news, another celebrity crisis or scandal to cover, another how-to, another…

There will always be more of everything except time.

As a half-hogger, your ability to focus on the most important things is absolutely critical to your success. Marketing is not one of those things. But without marketing, you don’t exist: your potential clients can’t find you, they can’t discover what you do and they can’t take the essential step of hiring you.

That’s why you need ReQuiEM: 50 marketing tactics that won’t break the bank… or your back!

Also still for sale on Amazon, but you can download the free PDF version here.