Spike Wyatt

Turning Everyday Writing Into Headline Content

Not Getting Results?

Written content is the soul of the Internet. It grabs your visitors, pulls them in and keeps them on your site. That’s why everyone invests in content: writers invest time, site owners invest money, sole traders invest both.

But is your content working for you? Is the return worth your investment?

  • Great content reduces bounce rates and improves conversions.
  • Boring content loses customers to your competition.
  • Exciting, involving articles get shares, extending your reach and market penetration through word of mouth.
  • Mistakes in blog posts, product listings or company pages negatively impact your reputation and authority.

The solution? An editor’s experienced eye and critical mind.

I’m a grammar nerd who catches the tiny errors. I view your work as a whole, to improve structure, flow and rhythm. I’m honest and direct, so you know what to improve. And I’m clear, so you know how to do it!

The Benefits

Feature Articles

Boost traffic and reduce bounce rates with articles that get straight to the point and hit hard. Editing cuts the fluff for attention-grabbing content that glues your reader to the screen and keeps …

Blog Entries

Your subscribers love your personality. Forget the technical worries and shine brighter. Editing keeps your voice and message intact for more subscribers and wider reach.

Web Content

Why publish content unless it generates traffic? Whatever you’re offering your readers, great content means more shares, likes and followers. Editing gets your content ready to go viral.

Books & eBooks

Whether it’s a paperback, a user manual or a free promotional ebook, you want it to be memorable. Editing ensures your work reads right, feels right and flows beautifully from start to finish.


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