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Turning Everyday Writing Into Headline Content

Want to Earn More?

The world is full of freelance writers. I mean, anyone can write, right?

So why aren’t you earning big bucks? Why are you still working for $5 per article? Why aren’t you getting $50, $100 or ten times that much for your work, from clients who value your skills?

Because you’re regurgitating the same crap that’s already been written a thousand times.

That’s where I can help.

I’m not like most editors. I see no point in publishing articles that say nothing new, just so you can put your name on them and pretend you’re a good writer.

I expect more from your content – and so should you!

I’ll work with you to turn your ideas into stunning content that engages readers, wows clients and makes sure everyone associates your name with quality, insight and thought leadership. From grammar to fact-checking, from structure to voice and flow, I’m honest and direct so you know what to improve. And I’m clear, so you know how to do it!

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What Do You Need?

Basic Editing

Clients worried about your technical ability? Drag yourself out of the low-pay market by delivering error-free content that reads naturally. I'll check your work for grammar mistakes, punctuation fails, spelling errors and syntactical oddities.

Developmental Editing

Release the magic in your writing to attract high-paying clients. Substantive or developmental editing includes everything in basic, plus feedback on structure and flow, fact-checking and suggestions on how to improve.


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