Spike Wyatt

Turning Everyday Writing Into Headline Content

“A wizard – the Dumbledore of editing”

Simply put, you’re a wizard – the Dumbledore of editing. How could I have neglected the gaping holes you pointed out? You breathed life into this thing. – Syed Moqaddas, moqaddas.com


“One of the greatest writing minds”

You’re a legend. One of the greatest writing minds I’ve ever met. – Abass Sahrawi, nektoublek.co


“Raising the standard of online content”

I’ve never met anyone who is so passionate and as committed to raising the standard of online content as you are. – Sandra Piddock, sandrainspain.com


“Improved my article tenfold”

He improved my article tenfold. It went from “good enough” to great. Thanks again, Spike. – Nick Darlington, WriteWorldwide.com


“A very quick crash course in ‘no fluff'”

I feel a bulldozer went through my initial paragraphs. I appreciate what you did for me, I felt it was a very quick crash course in “no fluff”. – John Christ, anointedcopy.com


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